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“Expertly melodic, the narrative sense that drives the lyrics displays the depth of artistry in his work.” » Clash

“Ruby, Don’t Cry” is a song made for a rainy Sunday afternoon in autumn. In his mystically melancholy way, LW tells another poetic story with his ethereal singing - over a comfortably warm, folky arrangement, like a cup of tea. The floating, distorted guitars add a pulling portion of pain which, in combination with the drawing of dream-like images, could move one or the other sensitive mind to tears.” » Yagaloo

“He creates a subtle connection between dark lyrics and complex, spiritual melodies.” » Skribber

“Ruby, Don’t Cry” is dreamy and jarring, built on searing strings and steady percussion and led by ghostly falsetto. It’s Luca Wilding in all his holy glory conjuring a swollen, swirling cloud of cutting-edge dream-folk.“ » The Music Mermaid

“Spirituality, love and family get the spotlight in the short film visuals for the London artist’s new soul-stirring track.“ » Wonderland

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